Personal follow up
All files are personally followed up by the manager. Your file is therefore not entrusted to an ordinary employee or outsourced.

Package Tarification
Pricing is on a package basis including most services. Therefore there are no "surprise" invoices and the annual accounting cost is known.

Customized service
Flexibility with regard to customer requirements is ensured. Paper accounting can be kept. Certain calculations may or may not be carried out (social security contributions, withholding tax, etc.).

Urgent matters are usually dealt with on the same day.

Digital documents are automatically linked to the accounting entry. This saves time and provides good visibility.

Available online
If you wish, you can consult your accounts online at any time. You can even enter your documents yourself and just ask the accountant to check them.
With a strong commitment to ongoing training, the aim is also to provide you with advice throughout your activity (tax optimisation, business expenses, etc.).