The creation and life of a company are subject to numerous legal formalities on the part of the administration.

Our 3 main missions are: assistance, advice and support.

Assistance because the relationship with the customer is above all a collaboration in order to achieve a win-win situation. If you are starting your business or you are in trouble at some point we are here to help you through these steps.

Advice because we have the knowledge that will allow you to optimize your situation and make the right choices.

Support because we are not just a mailbox where you come to deposit your documents. We will follow your company as it is created and developed, analyse the figures, draw up dashboards so that together we are always aware of the company’s situation.

Emphasis will be placed on the use of the latest and most efficient methods (accounting coworking space/entrepreneur, digitisation of documents,…).
This frees up time that I prefer to spend on interaction with the customer and a more in-depth analysis of the company’s situation using dashboards, for example.

Among the legal formalities are

– VAT returns (monthly or quarterly) and annual listings (intra-Community and VAT)
– Tax return (individual, company,…)
– Preparation of the annual accounts (balance sheet, income statement, notes, etc.)
– Administrative formalities (company creation, change of registered office,…)

The focus will be on:

– the use of dashboards
– search for the least taxed path and tax optimization